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I’m Jen, a UK Registered Specialist Dietitian with over a decades experience of helping people transform their relationship with food.

I support people in developing healthy behaviours, using the evidence-base to encourage a mindful and fresh attitude to nutrition and health. Find out more about my approach.

Based in Cheltenham, UK, I offer face to face appointments covering Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds. I also offer online video consultations to people all over the world.

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My Approach

I can help you find a way of eating that fits with your lifestyle and health concerns, decreases symptoms you experience and guides you towards your goals. I offer you a holistic view of steps you can take to improve your health, without picking up a diet plan or following an unnecessarily restrictive diet.

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My Blog

A supportive, informative environment providing you with correct information to help you cut through sensationalised, misleading advice and make an informed choice. All my posts are evidence-based, so it’s advice you can trust.

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