Work with Jen

Are you a medical professional looking for a dietitian to help support your

Jen works closely with GPs, consultants, surgeons and other healthcare
professionals to support patients in optimising their health and managing their
health conditions.

Having worked in Gloucestershire for several years, Jen has developed alliances with local consultants and liaises with other healthcare professionals to ensure a considered, informed approach. She provides nutritional guidance for; pre-operative and post-operative optimisation, gastroenterology, oncology and weight management. A full list of services can be found here.

Jen specialises in helping people with weight loss and related co-morbidities, with a focus on optimising their health through lifestyle change. She currently works alongside Mr Oliver Old, Consultant Surgeon, at The Winfield Hospital in Gloucester providing specialist dietetic support for people undergoing bariatric surgery. More info.

Jen’s wealth of experience means she is expertly placed to assess and advise on medication and supplementation which can help with symptom management and improve nutritional health.

Consultations can be delivered face to face, virtually or by phone. Jen
presently offers face to face services at The Medical, Cheltenham or the Winfield
Hospital, Gloucester for bariatric surgery consultations.

If you have a requirement for a Registered Dietitian, Jen is happy to arrange a call to discuss your needs, and can provide a resume and references on request.