“My consultation with Jen was really informative and reassuring. We discussed my current eating plan and how I could make small adjustments to treat the symptoms I was having. Jen helped me make easy and feasible changes which has led me to feel more in control of my eating habits. I also love her blog posts-I’m a big fan of the healthy banana breakfast pancakes!” Female, 30.

“I was so confused about what direction to take with losing weight until I saw Jen. She enlightened me with things about food and nutrition that I never would have known otherwise! She’s a lovely person and I instantly felt comfortable discussing my diet with her. Her guidance and support has helped me lose 5 kilograms so far and for once I feel like I’m going to be able to keep it up. Thanks Jen!”  Female, 68.

Through appointments with Jen, I have got a good overview of what eating means. It is not only about dieting and exercising, but about feeling good both from the physical and psychological points of view. Jen gives you good advice on which types and quantities of each nutrient your body needs, how to fight cravings and to make mindful and healthy choices and make them part of your lifestyle. Moreover, Jen took a personalised approach with each of us in the group, asking about our particular obstacles and proposing solutions. She has a special capacity to motivate you and make small steps that mean big changes. In my case, I had been blocked in the same weight for many years and putting into practice what I learned I saw the numbers going down. ”  Female, 28.

Working with Jen has meant changes I wanted to make have felt less effortful, and they easily became part of a lifestyle instead of a diet that one has to grudgingly comply with! ”  Male, 43.

“Jen provided me with an outstanding guidance on how to make my meal composition and size more balanced. I had been trying to lose weight for years and was quite disappointed I would never manage. Jen helped me in a very professional, still natural and relaxed fashion, allowing me to choose what to eat every day — but in sensible quantities and combinations that would keep me full. I did not feel deprived of anything, and felt satisfied, therefore I no longer had cravings. In four months I achieved my (rather ambitious) goals, which felt indeed as a great success. I think consultations with Jen have really made me more aware of how and what to eat, to maintain my weight stable in the future. ”  Female, 42.