Christmas Vouchers

Want to give your loved ones an extra special gift this Christmas? What about the opportunity to invest in themselves and their health? 

This year has been a challenging one in lots of different ways, and it has resulted in many people reflecting on areas of their life they might want to make some changes in. Perhaps you know someone who has mentioned they might like some guidance in better understanding their diet, and the role food choices can have on our health. Or maybe you know someone who wants to start prioritising their health a little more, and would like some ideas on how to get started.

I’m pleased to offer my bespoke dietary consultations at a special rate, when purchased as a Christmas voucher. I aim to help people refocus for 2021 and consider what their own health priorities are. I will explore diet and lifestyle with you, tailoring any advice to suit your goals and needs. For more information on my consultations, click here.

Special Christmas Voucher Rates

Initial appointment (approx. 60 minutes):  £80 – includes initial appointment and a 15 minute telephone review appointment. *SAVE £5*

Package of initial appointment + 2 review appointments: £150 *SAVE £35*
Package of initial appointment + 5 review appointments: £250 *SAVE £65*

At present, all appointments are done online. It is possible to have review appointments via phone if preferred.

Vouchers will be posted to an address of your choosing. Please email or call me for further details or to arrange.

Tel: 07493 979776